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Graduate degrees online. Online graduate degrees in education

Online graduate degrees are a great alternative to attending a specific college or university. If you don't have the time because of your current your job, you should think about an online graduate program. Online graduate programs are cheaper, more efficient and cover the same areas as a regular classroom course. Here are some Online Graduate Degrees that include details about online graduate courses for popular programs, including business, education, law, chemistry, psychology and more.

Online Graduate Courses in Chemistry: Course Descriptions Online graduate courses in chemistry provide higher level skills, knowledge, education and specialization for the working professional, as well as students matriculating in the field of chemistry. Earning a master's or doctorate chemistry degree or professional license or certification for current chemistry teachers requires graduate-level chemistry coursework.

Online Graduate Schools for Psychology: School List Students looking for a less specialized online education in psychology can find a graduate program in general psychology at East Carolina University and one in experimental psychology at New Mexico State University. Graduates can go on to teach at a community college, work in a corporate environment or pursue further Ph.D. study. Some online graduate schools provide all degree coursework online, while others feature hybrid programs requiring a few days on campus to complete the program.

Online Graduate Degrees in Art History: Art history is the analysis of painting, sculpture and other art forms throughout historical periods. Whereas programs leading to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees in art history exist on campus at many universities, the same is not true about online programs. Art history courses exist as components in online programs leading to Master of Arts in Art Education.

Online Graduate Math Degree: A distance learning graduate program in math generally leads to a Master of Science, and prepares graduates for Ph.D. programs and careers as mathematicians. Graduates from an online math master's degree program are also trained for government positions and some entry-level jobs requiring extensive use of mathematics for engineering or analysis.

Online Graduate Degree in Communication: There are many opportunities for students to earn a graduate degree in communications completely online, through various accredited colleges and universities. These programs provide students with the leadership skills to represent various perspectives, present information, manage organizational discussions and perform research.

Online Graduate Biology Courses and Classes: Overview Several universities offer online graduate biology courses for students interested in furthering their academic or professional careers. The classes cover a wide range of biological topics and are generally available as part of master's degree and certificate programs.

Online Epidemiology Graduate Degree Programs: Epidemiologists are public health professionals that analyze the causes and effects of infectious diseases and devise ways to contain them. Students seeking a graduate level degree in epidemiology will find that a handful of schools offer online master degree programs in public health. These programs often allow students to focus on epidemiology.

Online Graduate Programs in Business: School List Students of most research-based doctorate programs must work closely with faculty members to develop their teaching skills and dissertation subject. To foster this collaboration, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs, including doctoral programs in business, are not commonly offered in a distance-learning format by public or private not-for-profit colleges in the U.S.

Online Creative Writing Graduate Program: A bachelor's degree is often required for jobs in creative writing, and individuals may take their studies to the graduate level. Some schools offer online graduate-level degrees in creative writing. The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is commonly available online, and the Master of Arts may also be offered in a distance format.

Doctor of Philosophy: Online Human Services Degree: Research Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services programs. Get information about online courses and employment prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

Doctor of Health Administration Online Degree: Ready to enter the health care field as a leader? This online Doctor of health administration program is convenient enough to do part time yet the rewards are priceless. Get the skinny on this degree program by reading on.

Online Graduate Degrees in Forestry: Online graduate degree programs in forestry are rare, but some are available at a master's level in forestry and natural resources. Although forest and conservation workers can normally enter the field with a high-school diploma, a degree is usually required for advancement in the industry.

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