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Graduation Poems

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“If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.”

David Carradine

A sample of some graduation poems.

By Unknown

Each of us must climb our separate mountain
To reach at last our own extended view.
We can be no more than what we are,
Yet that is quite enough for us to do.

The world is far too great for comprehension,
And so we only know what we can know.
But given the abilities we're given,
That's still a long and weary way to go.

Yet on the way, how beautiful the moments!
How good it feels to have some skill or art!
How wonderful to pause in awestruck wonder
At what must fill the unsuspecting heart!

And so we're proud of each of you today
For all you've learned, and all you've tried to learn.
Knowledge brings the deepest satisfaction,
Not least because it's something that you earn.

By Unknown

There is no future good enough
For what we hope to be,
Nor world with windows wide enough
For what we hope to see.

Yet when we turn to compromise
The dreams with which we wake,
We'll glimpse behind a memory
Which we cannot forsake.

How beautiful this time of youth
That is so quickly gone!
We came to learn together, and
In moments we are done.

How long we will remember this
Brief time when life would wait
Upon the true perception that
Comes always far too late.

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